Formed in 1997 with the strategy of developing, designing and manufacturing innovative, original and highly functional laboratory instrumentation.

Specialising in the design, development and manufacturing of microplate technology including a comprehensive range of microplate washers, fillers, readers and shaker incubators.

Microplate washers for both the 96 & 384 well and 96 deep-well form of microplate. Both fully automatic and manual instruments

Microplate fillers for both the 96 & 384 well and 96 deep-well form of microplate.

Microplate readers for monochromatic & bio-chromatic reading in the 96 well microplate

Microplate shaker incubator for all forms of plate including deep-well format.

Personal single microplate shakers and incubators.

Magnetic particle processor combining all the above technologies in one product including the separation of magnetic particles; for more information about this instrument please contact info@mikura.co.uk

To complement our microplate instrumentation we also have a range of pipetting products including the new and innovative 9100 electronically controlled dispenser.

In addition to the above Mikura also undertakes sub-contract manufacture for a number of international companies; as any example please follow this link; http://www.boxerpumps.com/

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